Employment Law

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Helping You Resolve Your Employment Law Matter

Discrimination, sexual harassment, minimum wage and benefits, non-compete agreements, and termination and severance packages are all aspects of employment law. Today’s employers must comply with a maze of laws and regulations. Today’s employee enjoys more rights in the employment setting than ever before.

The attorneys at Gross, Minsky & Mogul, P.A., represent employers and employees in the Bangor, Maine area when disputes arise concerning the workplace. Oftentimes, disputes yet to materialize are seen looming in the distance, and our attorneys are prepared to advise clients on how to avoid litigation or minimize its impact.

“Can I enforce the non-compete agreement my former employee signed?”

“Can I be fired if I’ve done nothing wrong?”

These are simple questions that have no simple answers. Our attorneys can help sort through the issues and represent you if a dispute arises.