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23 Water Street, Suite 400
P.O. Box 917
Bangor, ME 04402-0917

Tel: 207-942-4644
Toll Free: (800) 274-7124
Fax: 207-942-3699

John F. Logan (Ext. 204)

George W. Kurr (Ext. 206)

Edward W. Gould (Ext. 220)

Steven J. Mogul (Ext. 214)

Sandra L. Rothera (Ext. 222)

Joseph M. Bethony (Ext. 233)

Mariann Z. Malay (Ext. 253)

Barbara Cardone (Ext. 216)

Norman Minsky (Of Counsel) (Ext. 212)

Joseph L. Ferris (Ext. 210)

Deborah Nickerson, Office Administrator (Ext. 202)


Parking is available in front of the Key Plaza building and across the street at the garage as well as on street parking.