Trusts, Estates & Age-Related Care Planning

As we age, the obstacles and challenges we face grow in number and variety. Without proper support in place, working to find solutions to those challenges and obstacles can seem like an impossible task. Our local elder law attorneys have the knowledge and resources to help you and your family.  We will help you create a treatment plan and get a system of care in place.

We are experienced in planning that is intended to protect assets from third parties and creditors; pro-active and emergency planning for and making the application for nursing home care-referred, to as long-term care; and planning for the qualification of veterans’ benefits for needy Veterans or surviving spouses, among other elder-care related matters.

Trusts, Estates & Age-Related Care Planning with Maine Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate planning is more than having a will. Proper financial estate planning allows you to preserve income for your heirs.  Well-organized financial planning also allows you to arrange their support and financial assistance after you leave.  Arrange your assets and income during your lifetime to maximize and appropriately distribute those assets after death.

The estate planning attorneys at Gross, Minsky & Mogul, P.A., spend the time necessary to understand your particular circumstances, concerns, and desires. In adherence to our team approach, we work closely with accountants, pension experts, and other professionals to achieve the plan that accomplishes your goals.

Our estate planning attorneys are also experienced in real estate laws and methods relating to transferring interests in the land upon death. After death, our attorneys are available to ensure your wishes and plans are carried out as you intended.  This could mean that we help in the probate process or trust and estate administration. If disputes arise, our litigation attorneys can represent your estate in court.

Our Respectable Approach

Our estate planning attorneys also work with our litigators when disputes arise among heirs, beneficiaries and/or fiduciaries. These can be difficult times for families; our attorneys listen carefully and are sensitive to these delicate matters.