Co-Parenting Apps

With so many options out there, choosing a co-parenting app that fits your family’s needs can be complicated. This article is intended to uncomplicate the process, so that you and your co-parent are on your way to communicating better for the benefit of your children.

What is a co-parenting app and why do I need one?

Co-parenting apps are designed for co-parents. Co-parents are people, usually separated or divorced from one another, raising children together. A co-parenting situation can be difficult and stressful. Often couples who are recently separated or divorced are still trying to learn how to communicate effectively with one another. When a child is involved, communication between co-parents is extremely important. Co-parenting apps are designed to take away the stress, miscommunication, and often hostility. With sharable calendars, and built in secure messaging, all communication is in one place, and keeping up with the children’s schedules and even custody schedules is made simpler.

Using a co-parenting app for communication can help set boundaries and define acceptable communication with a co-parent. Messaging within co-parenting apps is secure, the messages can’t be deleted or altered, and many apps store the messages and allow you to print them out, or download them to send to your attorney. The co-parenting apps, Our Family Wizard and CoParenter, have artificial intelligence built in to the messaging system, which monitors conversations and flags hostile or aggressive communications before they are sent, giving the co-parent an opportunity to reflect on those words before hitting send, in an attempt to change the tone and verbiage so that it is more conducive to an amicable co-parenting relationship.

These co-parenting apps can benefit all co-parents, whether communicating effectively or poorly. Co-parenting apps allow parents to keep all information regarding a child in one place, and give both parents access to all of that information. Many of the apps have information banks, allowing parents to store and view all information about the child, from shoe size to doctors’ numbers. Most of the apps also include a personal journal, for a parent to document events, and either keep those private, or share with a co-parent. Fayr and CoParenter also include GPS verified check-ins, so there is never a question regarding drop-offs and pick-ups. Most co-parenting apps also include expense trackers, allowing for co-parents to request payments from one another. AppClose, Talking Parents, and Our Family Wizard even include a built-in payment option, so co-parents can reimburse one another directly through the app.

The features and cost chart below can assist co-parents in choosing the right co-parenting app that benefits their family, and is in line with the family’s communication goals. Talk with your co-parent about using a co-parenting app, and start communicating more effectively.

While co-parenting apps are helpful, they may not solve all issues. If you need help with a divorce, child custody, or child support, let Gross, Minsky & Mogul help you navigate these complex legal issues.

AppCloseTalking ParentsOur Family Wizard2HousesFayrWeParentCoParenter
Available on iPhone & Android
Secure, tamper-proof messaging
Group Chats 

Single-User capability 

Ability for others to use app

Personal Journal

Information Bank
With premium
Expense Tracker
Ability to request payments from co-parent

Built-in payment option✔ Free for 6 months; then $2.50 per  transaction✔ With standard subscription✔ Unlimited with Premium

Artificial Intelligence that monitors communications

GPS verified check-ins

Parenting Report

Live Mediators on-demand

Ability to create agreements in-app

Document Library

Printable Transcripts for Messages✔ Additional cost
In-app audio & video calling✔ With premium

Website Version: FREE
App Version: $9.99 per month for Standard Subscription $24.99 per month for premium subscription
Essentials Subscription: $144 per year or $259 every two years
Premium Subscription: $204 per year or $367 every two years
$169.99 per year
Price for Whole Family
$9.99 per month   $99.99 per year 
$249.99 every  3 years
$9.99 per month 
$99.99 per year
$199.99 one payment for lifetime 
Price for whole family
*Financial Assistance offered
$12.99 per month
$119 per year
$199.99 per year for 2 parents
*Military discounts and fee waivers offered
All Prices Subject to Change