Gould Joins Municipal Boards

Gross Minsky & Mogul’s Ed Gould was sworn in at the January 8, 2018, Bangor City Council meeting to serve on two municipal volunteer Boards. Mr. Gould is now a Trustee of the Hersey Fund, which is part of the governance of the Bangor Public Library. In 1883, the City of Bangor accepted $100,000 from the Estate of Samuel Hersey which was used to establish the Library. The Trustees of the Hersey Fund, along with the Bangor Mechanics Association, form the governing body of the Library.

In addition, Mr. Gould now serves as a member of the Board of Appeals of the City of Bangor. The Board of Appeals hears appeals from decisions of municipal officers and entities designated by the City’s ordinances and also hears petitions for variances from City ordinances.

Mr. Gould also serves on a number of other municipal and non-profit boards, including the City of Bangor’s BanAir Corporation. He is also currently the Board Chair for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mid Maine.